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SAP on Google Cloud

SAP Application Migration to Google Cloud helps enterprises deliver greater innovation and business value from their SAP cloud deployments.


Rising consumer expectations have propelled the cloud migration journeys of organizations.

Companies with on-premise SAP deployments need to simplify operations by leveraging the power of cloud. Doing so will enable them to seamlessly manage data across their hybrid SAP landscape, while minimizing or eliminating extraneous infrastructure.

In this context, virtualized SAP deployments in the cloud can help enterprises avoid distributed landscapes, both on-premise and on cloud.


SAP on Google Cloud accelerates the intelligent enterprise journey.

Phi Analytics helps enterprises deliver greater innovation and business value from their SAP cloud deployments. By combining our extensive SAP S/4HANA experience with the power of Google Cloud, we empower enterprises with the agility they need for competitive advantage. Take, for instance, RISE with SAP—a comprehensive, business transformation-as-a-service solution. It brings solutions and expertise from SAP and technology ecosystem partners in one single contract subscription for exponential business value. Phi Analytics’ value-added services, leveraging its packaged offerings and joint portfolio of solutions, accelerate the journey to an intelligent enterprise with RISE with SAP. 

Enterprises are leveraging the Google Cloud Cortex Framework to accelerate business insights and outcomes with less risk, complexity, and cost with reference architecture patterns, packaged solution deployment content, and integration services to kick-start their data cloud journey. The Framework builds intelligence into their SAP data collected daily and operationalizes data back to business processes across the supply chains. Phi Analytics, a Google Cloud partner, is leveraging the Google Cortex Framework to help organizations unlock deep data insights and quickly deliver differentiating capabilities to customers. Phi Analytics has created a Centre of Excellence for the Google Cloud Cortex Framework, which leverages its deep technology and industry experience with its customers, to address cross-industry supply chain challenges. Our team has collaborated with Google Cloud to establish the integrations between SAP source systems and Google Cloud Big Query, which utilizes the strong artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities of Vertex AI to improve insights and forecasts that help them meet market demands and disruptions more efficiently.


Set your business up for purpose-led, sustainable growth.

Our solution provides multiple benefits—on-demand scalability, higher ROI, increased resilience, reduced technical debt, and lower risk.

Reduced costs: Decrease total cost of ownership (TCO) with simplified cloud migration, minimizing risks and creating faster time-to-value.

Improved efficiency: Gain more efficiency with automated scripts that help recreate environments with ease.

Faster innovation: Drive greater innovation and business value from your SAP cloud deployments using Google Cloud and the latest technologies.

Secure environment: Build environments with minimal or zero manual intervention, lowering risks and ensuring higher compliance with regulatory standards.
Improved performance: Gain scalability and performance as data grows and ensure a higher ROI with no upfront costs.

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