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Personalized Training

We help you customize a course for your company, in order to focus on optimizing the desired skills. In this course essential concepts are studied and represented to understand, develop and present the topics. The course will be focused on learning through the resolution of problems that cover different areas of the performance of the participants.

Our experience and specialties cover topics such as:

  • Database

  • Statistic and Probability

    • Basic​

    • Junior Profile

    • Senior Profile

    • Master Profile

  • Data Science

    • Data Mining​

    • Text Mining

    • Machine Learning

    • Deep Learning

    • AI

  • Visualization and Reporting

  • IoT

What tools or platforms?

SQL Server.png
IBM SPSS Modeler.png
Power BI.png
ibm-cloud (1).png


The knowledge and techniques that are studied are introduced from the approach and resolution of problems related to the different and diverse areas of performance of the participants.

For the introduction of each concept, the following steps are followed:


  • Statement of a problem

  • Analysis of the variables involved: information they contain, types, distributions.

  • Presentation of concepts

  • Application of the concept to the problem. Discussion of the solution

  • Getting Results

  • Other examples

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