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Phi Analytics Group
IoT & Data Science Specialists

Transforming data into useful information for your business

We help organizations developing and delivering intelligent solutions and services that create value through data.

Our Services

Our Services

We are looking for brave companies

We know that we cannot do this alone. We need courageous companies willing to make smart, data-driven decisions. However, impact is not just a responsibility, it is also an opportunity.


This is why we have worked hard to offer you the following services:



We help you in the development of customized solutions through data mining techniques and machine learning in order to create a customized solution to your company's needs.

Data Visualization

Data visualization helps us to represent information in a creative, interactive, graphic way allowing us to increase the level of understanding of your business.



We help you to strengthen data flows through ETL techniques in order to transform plain data to a state in which it is ready to be exploited for your business intelligence, or data science models.


We help your company to promote technological talent with training and consulting services.


We help you understand key points of your processes in real time in a simple and effective way.

Support Consulting

Make your data projects a success.

Cloud Adopted

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