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Managing Google Cloud's Apigee API Platform for Hybrid Cloud (T-APIHYB-B)



Learn how to install and manage Google Cloud's Apigee API Platform in a hybrid cloud. This course uses lectures, hands-on labs, and supplemental resources to show you how to design, install, manage, and scale your Apigee API Platform.

Who should attend

Cloud Architect, Cloud Engineer


Familiarity with Linux command and command line interface.
Basic understanding of Google Cloud.
Basic understanding of Anthos and GKE.
Basic understanding of networking.
Basic understanding of shell script, XML, JSON, HTTP, REST, and TLS

Course Objectives

Identify the purpose and value of Apigee API Platform.
Gain detailed understanding of Apigee API Platform architecture and recommended practices for topology design.
Gain detailed understanding of Apigee terminology and logical organizational structures.
Interact with Apigee API Platform and solve scenarios by leveraging recommended practices.
Understand capabilities and practices to secure, manage and scale the platform.
Understand and put in practice installation and upgrade processes.

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