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Architecting Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Anthos (T-AHYBRID-I)



This four day, instructor-led course prepares students to modernize, manage, and observe their containerized applications using Kubernetes, in Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and on-premises. Through presentations and hands-on labs, participants explore Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Connect Agent, Anthos Service Mesh and Anthos Config Management features. Participants learn how to work with containerized applications even when split between multiple clusters, hosted by multiple cloud providers or on-premises. This course is a continuation of Architecting with GKE and assumes direct experience with the technologies covered in that course.

Who should attend

This training is for customers and Googlers who want to modernize, manage, and observe their containerized applications using Kubernetes in Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and on-premises.


Completed Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure (GCF-CI) or have equivalent experience, and
Completed Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine (AGKE) or have equivalent experience

Course Objectives

Explain each layer of the Anthos technology stack and the problems it is designed to address.
Create, connect and manage Anthos clusters from multiple deployment environments.
Load-balance clusters running in Google Cloud.
Describe automating policy and security at scale with Config Management.
Create multi-cluster networking architectures with Anthos Service Mesh.
Deploy and run applications on an Anthos on-premises solution
Monitor and troubleshoot applications running on an Anthos on-premises solution.
Install workloads on Cloud Run and Cloud Run for Anthos.
Configure and review logging, metrics, and monitoring for serverless computing solutions on Anthos.
Install and use Migrate for Anthos to migrate workloads.

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