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Infrastructure modernization

As enterprises reinvent themselves to adapt to a changing world, IT infrastructure modernization is becoming an integral part of their digital transformation.

From assessment and migration to managed services and security, Phi Analytics’ infrastructure modernization services on Google Cloud cover the entire enterprise cloud adoption spectrum.

We enable enterprises to accelerate cloud adoption and achieve greater business value.


Building the digital core.

Many enterprises are still running business applications on legacy infrastructures that generate multiple challenges, such as high total cost of ownership, vendor lock-ins and unutilized capacity, which impact enterprise agility. Some are exiting on-premise data centers and migrating to cloud while others are opting to work with more than one public cloud platform, making interoperability a key consideration.

Infrastructure modernization is an integral part of an enterprise’s digital transformation as enterprises reinvent themselves to adapt to a continuously changing world. Phi Analytics helps companies respond to this challenge by providing end-to-end services for the cloud adoption journey.


Accelerate infrastructure modernization.

Infrastructure modernization services help enterprises build a digital core by leveraging cloud to enable a scalable, elastic and resilient infrastructure to drive business growth.

Phi Analytics offers end-to-end infrastructure modernization solutions that span the enterprise cloud adoption journey from assessment and advisory, foundation, migration and managed services, to ensuring security by design throughout the journey.


Reduce technical debt, increase resilience, lower risk and total cost of ownership.

With Google Cloud-powered infrastructure modernization, enterprises can improve their time to market and speed of innovation, while creating a transparent, agile enterprise operation.

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