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Cloud Digital Leader (CDL)



If you’re wondering how cloud can transform your business then this course is for you. Aimed at business leaders new to cloud, this course provides insight into Google's approach to digital transformation, and how to embrace cloud in your business.

This training is designed to give you foundational knowledge about cloud technology, data, and Google Cloud products that enable digital transformation. Empowering you and your team(s) to contribute to cloud-related business initiatives in your organization.

Who should attend

Traditional enterprise business decision makers
Suitable for all management levels leading Product, Projects, Programs, Operations, Line of Business, Finance, People Management, Sales, Marketing, and Client Management interested in how Google Cloud can support their business transformation
Participants should be reasonably new to cloud technology


Knowledgeable about their own business products / services and industry
No prior technical knowledge is required

Course Objectives

Recall fundamental cloud terminology
Identify Google Cloud products and solutions that support digital transformation
Explain how cloud technology and data can be leveraged to innovate within organizations
Explain infrastructure and application modernization with Google Cloud
Describe contributing factors to the success of cloud operations and security

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